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The Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique has two different ways to shop.

What's The Difference Between the Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique App, the Website, and the Facebook Page?

Great question. In my opinion, the Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique App is the best way to shop.

  • The App is the best way to shop. You can watch and place orders during the LIVE trunk shows, plus place orders for ready-to-ship jewelry and accessories from the app. It's the best of both worlds. The Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Once you download the app, the process is very simple to place and pay for an order.
  • The Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique Website does not have the ability to watch and place orders during the LIVE trunk shows but does have the ability to place orders for ready-to-ship jewelry and accessories. The process is very simple to place and pay for an order.
  • The Facebook Page allows you to watch and place orders during the LIVE trunk shows but does not have the ability to place orders for ready-to-ship jewelry and accessories.

How To Order From The Adore Your Wardrobe App?

Search the app store and download the Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique app.  You will be asked to set up an account when you open the app, if you already have an AYW Boutique Account just use your same login information.  Shopping by body type is easy here too!  Be sure to turn your notifications on so you can get all the latest on your payments, shipping, and when new app exclusive items drop!

How To Order From The Adore Your Wardrobe Webstore?

Go to the Adore Your Wardrobe Webstore. Items are curated by body type. Once you know your body type, shopping is easy.  

How To Order From The Facebook Page?

  1. Go to Facebook on your computer, or go to the Facebook app on a mobile device (very important to use the app not the website on a mobile device) or download the Adore Your Wardrobe App from the app store

  2. Search Kelly Snyder Official on Facebook, click on Kelly Snyder 

  3. Scroll down to find the video 

  4. Click the play button on the video 

  5. Once it’s playing type the word REGISTER in the comments section. That should bring up a screen to sign up for an account.  Be sure to connect your Messenger account. Payment info and shipping confirmations will be sent via Messenger.

  6. Go back to the video and type SOLD 6 for the silver bracelet or whatever number you want. 

  7. Keep an eye on your messenger, confirmations, and links to pay will pop up there.

  8. Authorize your waitlist items by going to:  click on waitlisted items then scroll down. I only place orders for items on the authorized waitlist. (See the FAQ below for more on the authorized waitlist)

  9. Get ready for some kick-butt jewelry pick out just for you and your body type!

How Do I Order From The LIVE SHOW?

You can click on the link in the emails that I send prior to the show, or you can find it by searching Facebook for Kelly Snyder ecommerce.  (If you are using a phone or tablet, make sure you are using the Facebook app, you won’t be able to access the comments if you go to Facebook from your web browser on a mobile device.)  The live show is also available on the Adore Your Wardrobe Boutique App

When you go to place your first order via the live show, you'll need to set up an account. To set up your account go to  Or type REGISTER in the comment section of the video.  When you set up your account, it’s a really good idea to connect to Messenger.  Payment info, availability, and shipping notifications all run through Messenger.

Next, you’ll order directly from the Facebook LIVE via a comment on the post.  

Here is an example. 

a. During the LIVE, you decide you want to order item #2. 

b. You’ll type “SOLD 2” in the comments section of my Facebook Live. 

c. You’ll receive either an email or FB messenger (recommended) with next steps. If the item is available, you’ll receive a message the item is yours and how to checkout. If the item is sold out, you will be put on a waitlist. 

d. At the end of the show, you can go to your account at and complete your checkout. By completing checkout at the end of the show, you’ll have the ability to checkout once and/or manage your waitlist items. You’ll need to complete the checkout whether this is your first purchase or you have purchased from us in the past.

You can also shop the webstore or download the app and shop there.

Please note: Shopping Cart items expire after two hours.

What is the Difference Between Waitlist and Authorized Waitlist Items? 

Want an item that is sold out? 

I will place orders when the show is closed for any items that sold out and I can get more inventory.  I will only order enough for items on the authorized waitlist.  So if you want it you need to give me the authorization to purchase your waitlisted item(s). This is the difference between “waitlist” to “authorized waitlist”.  “Authorized waitlist” will be fulfilled if I can get more inventory, “waitlist” you might get it if someone else returns it. 

You can authorize the purchase of your waitlisted items inside of your account -->  

It's easy to do. Log-in, click on the "Waitlisted/Backordered" tab. Find your item. Click "Click here to be first on the waitlist."



Choose your credit card and click "Authorize".

PLEASE NOTE: I will not charge your credit card until your order is fulfilled.

If an item has a waitlist of 31, but only 10 are authorized waitlist, I will be ordering 10 items. The 10 will go to the authorized waitlist orders. This means 21 people who just had the item on regular waitlist will not receive the item. 

If you want the item, the best chance is to make sure to authorize payment for your waitlisted items before the show closes. 

How do I Manage My Orders, Waitlist Items, Credit Card Information, Shipping Address, etc.? 

Everything can be managed inside of your account on CommentSold. 

You can authorize payment of waitlist items, manage your waitlist items, checkout, update card information, update address information, and much more inside of your account --> 

Will you combine shipping on orders? Is shipping free? 

Shipping is Free for all trunk show orders and app and webstore purchases made during the trunk show and 10 days following.  Shipping for purchases made on the app or the webstore outside the 10 days of the trunk show is free for orders over $25.

Will I Always Get My Authorized Waitlist Items? 

I do my best, but not always. 

There are times when an item is so popular and the wholesaler runs out of inventory and I can’t complete all authorized waitlisted orders. It’s a bummer. 

You will not get charged for authorized waitlist items if I'm unable to fulfill the order. If you are curious about order fulfillment, you can always review your account --> 

Will You Ship To Canada? 

Not yet. We are working through the process and hope to have a solution soon.

What is the Return Policy? 

We allow returns. All returns need to be made within 14 days from the shipping date with the items in their original condition and the same packaging.  A restocking fee of $2.99 per item is applied if you want to credit back your credit card. If you choose store credit there is no restocking fee. If you receive a damaged or defective item, please email us immediately at If possible we will replace the item free of charge or if no replacement is available you will be issued a refund.

Please fill out the return form included in your purchase and mail the items back to us.

How Do I Use Store Credit? 

Store credit is automatically applied to AUTHORIZED WAITLIST only.  For regular purchases, you must click the “ Pay for order with Account Credit” button. Credit can not be applied retroactively if you forget to click the account credit button.  Purchases made with store credit do not earn loyalty rewards.

What If The Items I Commented On Aren't Showing Up In My Cart?

Check messenger or email. Until you confirm your account it won’t let you add items to your cart.  You should receive a confirmation message after your first comment, you will need to confirm even if you’ve purchased from us before.

What if I have questions? 

Please email me at and I’ll get them answered.